Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fitting into my life

I've decided bikes fit into my life.
Now if my bike just fit onto my bus... well, guess we can't have everything. But I sure have a lot of things!
I've been wearing my bright reflective vest when biking some days, when I know I'll be on the road a lot instead of the goose. All it seems to do is make drivers laugh, but hey, if they don't hit me that's good enough.
One driver pulled over and shook his fist at me for biking on the crosswalk when the signal was blinking "don't start" -- and after he'd repeated himself so I could hear him with my half-deaf ears, I gave the correct reply -- the raised finger. Hadn't thought I was a militant biker until then. And I sure don't look like anyone's poster girl for biking. But hey, I'm on my bike tomorrow to go down to the kayak shops and buy a proper paddling vest. Nice to fit that bike into my plans, and nice to fit my plans on my bike, too.