Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Johnson Street Bridge

Riding over the Johnson Street Bridge is an, er, interesting proposition at the best of times. Going west, it's two narrow lanes on a metal grating. Lots of fun to ride on in the winter wind and rain. The posted speed limit is 30kmh and lane changes are not allowed. Yet I'm always amazed that I can get up to the speed limit on my bike, yet every single car passes me and many of them change lanes to do it. (And most of them probably spend their driving time cursing those #$%&ing bike riders. But I digress.)
Suffice it to say, crossing the bridge is not for the faint of heart, especially when I cross during the afternoon rush hour. Traffic is tight, tempers are tighter and riders are taking their lives in their hands.
Hell of a time for my chain come off.
Which is what it did yesterday, flying off the front crank and wrapping itself around my peddles just I hit the metal bridge decking. I had just hit top speed when my chain decided to depart. (The vehicle behind me was a Victoria Police van that illegally changed lanes, then sped up over the limit to pass me. The officer driving was probably mumbling something about those #$%&ing bike riders. But I digress.)
The good news is that with nary a wobble I was able to maintain my balance and coast across the bridge to the first turn-off and with a few minutes of cursing and grease stains was on my way.

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  1. It wasn't my chain that came off on the Johnson St Bridge, it was the nut on my rat trap carrier (to which my pannier bag was attached). I thought it was the chain, since my bike does tend to cast its chain on a whim, and was so relieved not to grind to a halt in the middle of traffic that I didn't appreciate that the rat trap was now supported by the rear reflector, having undergone a 90 degree rotation, until I pulled up in front of the supermarket in James Bay.