Thursday, May 25, 2006

UVic's cycling/parking news

In August 2005 the parking rates at UVic went up 40% (UVic's president got a 45% raise) and a lot of employees were pissed off. At the time we hadn't had a pay increase in five years, and although we've won some gains, our parking rates will go up again this August. It is all in an effort to reduce the cars on campus, which in light of gas prices and cutting down on traffic is something that is commendable. However, at this point in time there isn't the set up to encourage staff to ride to work. A lot do cycle to work, and interestly enough most of them live close to UVic and sometimes even walk to work. In some cases my fellow coworkers live too far to cycle or have children to drop off and pick up after school. Cycling just wouldn't work in this case, nor does taking the bus.

I too drive to work, during the summer months. In the winter I take the bus using my student bus pass. I feel I'm doing my part. I would cycle to UVic, however there are a few issues that prevent me. 1) I use to work at Campus Security and one of my jobs was to do the stats--bike theft was pretty high at that time and I don't think the figures have gone down. 2) my supervisor had his bike stolen during Bike to Work Week 2004, it was locked up right outside our office doors. 3) there is a waiting list for the bike lockers, although more are on the way.

I think the bike lockers are a neat idea! I'm hoping that I can get one next summer and ride to work. I know I should do it this summer, but I already purchased my parking pass for the summer months, and it wasn't cheap! It is non-refundable, non-transferrable.

There are covered lock up areas on campus too.
Check it out the lockers, bike shelters at:

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