Friday, June 02, 2006

Bike to Work Week - Day 5

Amazingly, no evils befell me. No cars lept out of blind alleys, no strange and sudden meteorological anomalies rained down on me, no part of my bike suddenly disintegrated while I was racing down a steep hill.
How was the turn out? There's 24 people in our branch. 7 signed up to ride all week, only two of us, including myself, did. One person rode three days, one person rode one day, the other three didn't ride at all.


  1. Hey John
    I need to apologize for not riding during Bike to Work week. Didn't sign up for it where I work, because I didn't expect to ride. It's the 20 km home in the dark after 10pm that makes it not fun, y'know. But I could have done a few km in the morning and left my bike at home before hopping on the bus. You're a great example, and lately at work I'm becoming a cubicle potato.

  2. You're doing your part and I'm proud of you!! Plus you are getting really nice legs, not that the rest of you isn't really nice too :))