Sunday, November 11, 2007

Recumbent Trike

Well, I'm no longer thinking out loud about getting a recumbent trike.
Got one.
And very happy to get it, indeed!
Just bought it from its designer, maker and former rider, a local architect named Ron, who's been involved with the Human-Powered Vehicle projects for quite some time. Ron sold me his recumbent trike for a very good price. It's verrrrryyy low to the ground, and according to Ron, it goes like stink on straight trails. Even the colour -- a cross between Safety Orange and Day-Glo Pink -- is great for visibility.
Bought it without even a test ride, because it was designed to fit its maker, and Ron is one very tall guy.
Going to take it to either Recyclistas (those great bike guys where the Galloping Goose meets the Lochside trail) or Fairfield Cycle (the local specialists in recumbents and trikes). With their help, this trike will be adjustable to fit me or someone taller.
Got to get some lights for it, and a flag, and blinking lights for the tire valves. Going to put lots of reflective tape all over it. Visibility again.
Bernie's already coveting it, and wishing he could race around on it, but it's not for him. It's my new toy. If I like it half as much as my kayak, that'll be saying something.
Shall let my guy take it out and about, though. I am willing to share, at least till it gets adjusted to fit me instead of him.

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