Thursday, September 04, 2008

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I was fully alert and conscious after I fell off my bike, the lone time I've ever had to call for an ambulance after being injured in an accident. (Mind you, my left arm was in four pieces.) But what if I'd landed on my head instead of my shoulder? What would happen if paramedics or other authorities were trying to contact my family and I was unable to respond?
Stephanie found this online. It's called Road ID, an engraved bracelet that can be personalized to contain your personal contact info, health insurance numbers, and even a personal motto if you like. They also offer an interactive version which directs emergency personnel to a website that can contain your medical history and contact info that you can keep updated.
Here's mine, newly arrived in the mail. (I've blurred out the numbers.) Inexpensive, it's another one of those pieces of biking/kayak gear that I hope I never need, but I'm glad I take along.

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