Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Wheels

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Bought new wheels last week. A Salsa Fargo.

Supposedly it's the only bike of it's kind - a mountain/touring bike with 29" wheels. There are range of "29'ers" available these days. Your average mountain bike has 26" wheels and you're average road bike has 27.5" wheels.

It's outfitted with all top quality Shimano XT components and Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes. While not a road bike per se it goes pretty quick with a sweet spot for cruising on the flats at 30-35 km/h. Super comfy ride, brazings for six (6!) water bottle racks, and designed to take racks for front and rear panniers.

It was over my $1,500 budget by $1,000 but it was love at first ride. Shout out to Jon and the guys at Oak Bay Bikes for making me an offer I couldn't refuse, they gave me a fantastic deal.

And to compete with all the silly gps-enabled kayakers around here, here's my gps-enabled 40k ride from last night. ;)

View Track 2 in a larger map

PS. You'll notice that the stop point is a little short of the start point...had to make a pit stop at the Penny Farthing to do some carbo-loading at the end of the ride.

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  1. I notice nobody has said it here, but the topic of your new bike was conversational fodder at the Sunday post-kayak coffee session. Sweet-looking ride. Expect a certain amount of envy to float your way. I know I hate you.....