Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Winter is coming

And it's time to prep you and your bike. Check out this checklist from the Guardian newspaper in Britain. Here's the first two on the list. Oh, and check out some of the cool gear links-- like Dashing Tweeds.

1. Winterproof your bike

To help your steed cope with gritted roads and grimy puddles, you need to prepare it for the horrors ahead. Clean it properly and then apply an all-weather lubricant to the chain and any other parts where metal meets metal. Don't go mad. The oil should not drip and must under no circumstances must it touch your brake pads or wheel rims.

2. Get lights

With the rapidly decreasing number of daylight hours, a good set of lights is more important than ever. Any brand will do, just check the running time and avoid any that use expensive, awkwardly shaped batteries. Knog lights are very popular, and clip straight onto most bikes without fiddly brackets (knog.com.au). You can also get flashing pedals such as those made by Pedalite (pedalite.com).

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